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Add Revenue to your Hotel, RV Park or Resort.

By adding high-speed wireless internet access in your business, this will give you the increased potential to generate additional sources of revenue and a greater competitive advantage over your competitors. Learn More
Quantum Security Solutions

To be able to compete efficiently it will be critical for businesses to a move to a security solution that can provide quantum threat analysis into all operational areas and treat them as a unified security challenge. Learn More
Reducing Wireless Providers Overhead

Globalogix helps customers to reduce the overall cost needed to stream multiple wireless technologies, making it cheaper over IP-based connections while increasing the overall capacity for more secure networks. Learn More
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Globalogix Wireless Solutions

Business Wireless: Helix Connect Technology

Globalogix Wireless is a high-speed, business-class broadband deployment solution that supports multiple users, Web sites, and enterprise applications and will help increase your overall business productivity. Globalogix Wireless uses Helix Connect Technology for redundancy so it doesn't share the last-mile local route with any other type of service.

We help minimize your overall total cost of ownership and improve disaster recovery time by maintaining accurate documentation and automating firmware upgrades and configuration changes. So if you have DSL, cable, or T1 access, Globalogix Wireless provides full redundancy should you experience disruptions in your existing service.

Helix Connection Manager(HCM)

Our Always-on access for business applications provides Multiple wireless provider connection for complete nationwide coverage and redundancy so that you have sufficient bandwidth to support your business applications and customers via our HCM for multi-carrier solutions.

Globalogix Wireless is fully managed with 24x7 proactive monitoring and support with Helix Connect Technology managed security services to ensure PCI compliance and secure access to your Site-to-Site MPLS VPN and the Internet. Our Communication System Deployment and Technology Network Services and Solutions include the following:

  • Wireless Technology Networks
  • Information Technology
  • RF Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Site Acquisition
  • A&E Services

Globalogix Wireless Solution Benefits:

Planning and Design
Equipment Selection, Procurement and Financing (Credit Approval Required) for easier vendor management and less capital investment for deploying your enterprise network

Pre-Configure, Test, Package, Ship and Install which gives you faster, error-free deployments with fully managed, plug-and-play provisioning

Manage and Extend Equipment Warranty for the life of Helix Connect Service so your network is "organic" through Helix Connect managing potential hardware or firmware issues in real-time.

Onsite Support
Same Day, 24x7, On-Site Repair/Replacement which minimizes network downtime with structured program to ensure timely repair or replacement of non-operational equipment.

Monitoring & Alerting
Helix Connect Monitoring 24x7x365 and Proactive Alerts Of Outages which facilitates mission-critical network reliability delivered through automated equipment monitoring and structured notification procedures for outages and repair status.

Customer Support
Technical Support and Troubleshooting 24x7x365 which helps lower operational costs and reduce downtime using CPE specialists who can provide quick diagnosis and resolution of any problems.

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